Our Story

As active blokes ourselves, we spent hours looking for active apparel that was not only comfortable but supported the modern look and fit how it was meant to. We got tired and frustrated, so we took on the challenge to design and create a brand for the active Blokes in the community, by pursuing a product design philosophy, equally focusing on three key elements; comfort, performance and style.

We searched the globe for the most comfortable luxury fabrics that are not only extremely comfortable but also have performance benefits, like Bamboo and organic Cotton, and infused urban styling and aesthetic, to develop our range.

Designed in Australia, by taking a communal focus, we aim to cater to the needs of each and every Bloke. Whether you’re a bloke looking to laze around after a long day at work, or an active gym enthusiast we have you covered!

Our implementation of stringent testing and sampling in production processes ensures that each product is of impeccable quality and allows us to promise to never force you to sacrifice your comfort or look no matter what type of bloke you are.

We urge you to join the Bloke community on this mission. With over 120,000 followers in our community and the support growing by the day, we encourage any new customers to come and join our team, with the hash tag Bloketeam.

Be the Bloke that you want to be.