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  • The Rise of Male Yoga (BRO-GA)

    While Yoga is mainly considered a women’s practice, the rise of male yoga proves that men can also benefit from a large range of advantages that come with this healthy practice. According to specialists who have thoroughly studied this practice, yoga is believed to aid in combating numerous health problems, being equally effective both in men and women. Yoga can be practiced in different manners – as every person has his/her individual needs. Let’s find out why male yoga has significantly grown in popularity and the main health benefits it encompasses for men in particular.
    It improves physical condition and flexibility
    Yoga ensures the improvement of men’s physical condition, facilitating musculoskeletal changes. As yoga is a practice that includes the involvement of the entire body, is raises awareness while increasing balance, strength, flexibility – more exactly the overall physical condition. Men who practice yoga on a regular basis will notice a significant improvement in flexibility that they didn’t experience before. Yoga also prevents workout injuries from occurring, as flexible muscles tend to recover increasingly faster.

    It relieves stress
    Research indicates that one of the greatest benefits for men who practice yoga is the fact that it relieves stress. Men who practiced yoga for six weeks experienced a better mood and significant stress decrease. This practice encompasses a natural way to combat anxiety and various negative feelings everybody experiences.
    It prevents diseases such as osteoporosis
    According to a study developed in 2009 in the journal Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, it was demonstrated that men who practiced yoga for approximatively 8 to 10 minutes a day benefited from a significant improvement in their bone density. Various Yoga postures facilitate a natural bone stimulation that prevents further possible fracture or bone problems from occurring.

    It improves the quality of sleep
    Stress at work can often lead to the annoyance we call insomnia. Scientists found out that practicing yoga for 25 minutes a day will significantly improve the quality of sleep, preventing insomnia from becoming a constant hindrance. Not only does yoga help one get rid of insomnia, but it also helps one feel increasingly more well-rested and fresh after having a good night’s sleep. As there is a wide range of yoga classes, you ought to find the one that is right for you, that meets your individual requirements.

    Back pain relief
    Staying long hours at the office can cause disturbing, even excruciating back pain. One of the best benefits of yoga for men is that it treats back pain naturally without the use of painkillers. Research developed in this domain pinpointed that Iyengar yoga aids at significantly diminishing back pain associated with depression and overall negative disposition. This particular practice has proven its effectiveness for many men dealing with back pain.

    It enhances productivity
    Yoga is not only a miracle worker for your body and muscles, but also for your mind. A study conducted in this domain pinpointed that men who practiced yoga for 30 days presented an enhanced productivity as they were increasingly more energetic and confident. Additionally, their performance increased, as well as their memory retention and productivity.

    Drew Robertson Wearing His Bloke Orgainc Dark Grey Tapered Joogers Drew Osborne Wearing His Bloke Orgainc Dark Grey Tapered Joogers

    Conclusion on BROGA
    If you aren’t convinced yet about yoga’s amazing health benefits in men, maybe it’s time you considered taking up this practice, to experience them on your skin. A lot of men consider yoga to be merely a form of physical activity, which makes them reluctant to giving it a go. Drew Osborne, a man who has been living in Los Angeles for 13 years, shared his yoga experience with us – “I never thought about trying the practice. A friend of mine had been practicing Yoga at a new studio that had recently opened and convinced me to take a class one morning. It was hot Yoga, and I left completely exhausted from the workout, but in the same breath, with a renewed sense of self, and state of utter relaxation. Something I had never experienced.”
    If a wide range of misconceptions and an unexplained hesitance is stopping you from benefiting from the complete relaxation yoga can offer you, you should know that most men feel this way, until they try it, and it becomes something they must continue doing. Drew also told us that “I didn't understand the feeling, but I knew I liked it. I can honestly say that, from the second I left my first Yoga class, I knew the practice would change my life. Something clicked, and I connected to myself. My A type personality felt calm. I felt a sense of identity and peace. I felt strong. I knew there was more to this Yoga thing”.
    Don’t miss out on yoga and the amazing impact it can have on your life. It will enhance both your physical and mental health while helping you to reach a higher state of self-awareness and inner peace.

  • 5 best apps for guided meditation

    Being able to focus through busy times is important..

    Using meditation to help you maintain your performance is absolutely crucial to all kinds of life. Mediation techniques have been used for so many years. More recently have been bought to attention by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tim Ferriss (4 hour work week) to increase their productivity and help live a better quality of life.

    Meditation helps calm the mind by either listening, breathing, moving or sleeping.

    In this day and age as we become “busy”, more and more people can’t even remember what they did 30 seconds ago. By using meditation, this helps you become more present in the moment.

    Simply starting with 5 mins of calming the mind during the hectic day will help you be able to have a clearer vision for the rest of the day.

    Meditation before bed can help declutter the chatter in the mind by letting you rest without 100 ideas, to do lists and appointments running through your head.

    Some helpful apps are:

    The Mindfulness App - $1.99
    Simply being - $0.99
    Mindfulness Meditation - $1.99
    Relax to Breathe - Free
    Buddhist Meditation Trainer - Free


    There is no doubt about it that getting in the weights room is the cornerstone to building greater mass!

    That feeling when you get a “pump” is an indication through your human body that blood is flowing in to your muscle cells which is the start of protein synthesis.

    Nutrition plays a more important part in building greater mass. Even more important than lifting weights themselves. The food you eat for breakfast, at work and especially post workout will 100% impact your results more than lifting in the gym.

    Protein is super important for muscle growth because it helps with recovery and the ability to repair what your weight session has done to your body and the areas trained.

    It'’s just as important to eat a carb - and protein-rich meal post workout. Directly after training, it turns out that your body doesn’t like taking in carbohydrates and sending them down fat-storing pathways. So post workout, carbs will be sent down growth increasing pathways instead.


    And then these carbs are combined with your protein source so you'’ve got a strong muscle feeding combination because carbohydrates help deliver the amino acids into muscles by boosting insulin levels.

    And then these carbs combined with a good protein source will help feed your muscles because the carbs with deliver amino acid’s to the muscles by boosting insulin. Insulin is the main anabolic hormone that boosts the muscle growth process and help deliver nutrients to the muscle cells.

    Drink Water! This is one of the most crucial rules for life in general, especially when you are doing workouts. Don’t let your body dehydrate, your gains will suffer immensely. Water is a simple way to flush any of the unwanted nutrients in the cells through the bodies system.

    Use a form of body composition and use the same method EVERY single time for the length of your program. This helps with consistency. Dexa scans, bio impedence analysis, tape measuring muscle groups and photos are all powerful ways to look at body change.

    Your stress levels will also need to be as low as possible to help increase lean muscle mass gains. Some techniques to use are meditation, breath work, sleep and a simple walk whilst calming the mind.

    Combining these simple rules will help you gain an increase in muscle mass. Remember, that food is just as important as physical training itself and so is sleep and stress.

    So focus on a structure training program, the foods you eat DAILY, the amount of rest you get each night and STOP stressing about little problems.

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