There is no doubt about it that getting in the weights room is the cornerstone to building greater mass!

That feeling when you get a “pump” is an indication through your human body that blood is flowing in to your muscle cells which is the start of protein synthesis.

Nutrition plays a more important part in building greater mass. Even more important than lifting weights themselves. The food you eat for breakfast, at work and especially post workout will 100% impact your results more than lifting in the gym.

Protein is super important for muscle growth because it helps with recovery and the ability to repair what your weight session has done to your body and the areas trained.

It'’s just as important to eat a carb - and protein-rich meal post workout. Directly after training, it turns out that your body doesn’t like taking in carbohydrates and sending them down fat-storing pathways. So post workout, carbs will be sent down growth increasing pathways instead.


And then these carbs are combined with your protein source so you'’ve got a strong muscle feeding combination because carbohydrates help deliver the amino acids into muscles by boosting insulin levels.

And then these carbs combined with a good protein source will help feed your muscles because the carbs with deliver amino acid’s to the muscles by boosting insulin. Insulin is the main anabolic hormone that boosts the muscle growth process and help deliver nutrients to the muscle cells.

Drink Water! This is one of the most crucial rules for life in general, especially when you are doing workouts. Don’t let your body dehydrate, your gains will suffer immensely. Water is a simple way to flush any of the unwanted nutrients in the cells through the bodies system.

Use a form of body composition and use the same method EVERY single time for the length of your program. This helps with consistency. Dexa scans, bio impedence analysis, tape measuring muscle groups and photos are all powerful ways to look at body change.

Your stress levels will also need to be as low as possible to help increase lean muscle mass gains. Some techniques to use are meditation, breath work, sleep and a simple walk whilst calming the mind.

Combining these simple rules will help you gain an increase in muscle mass. Remember, that food is just as important as physical training itself and so is sleep and stress.

So focus on a structure training program, the foods you eat DAILY, the amount of rest you get each night and STOP stressing about little problems.

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