5 best apps for guided meditation

Being able to focus through busy times is important..

Using meditation to help you maintain your performance is absolutely crucial to all kinds of life. Mediation techniques have been used for so many years. More recently have been bought to attention by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tim Ferriss (4 hour work week) to increase their productivity and help live a better quality of life.

Meditation helps calm the mind by either listening, breathing, moving or sleeping.

In this day and age as we become “busy”, more and more people can’t even remember what they did 30 seconds ago. By using meditation, this helps you become more present in the moment.

Simply starting with 5 mins of calming the mind during the hectic day will help you be able to have a clearer vision for the rest of the day.

Meditation before bed can help declutter the chatter in the mind by letting you rest without 100 ideas, to do lists and appointments running through your head.

Some helpful apps are:

The Mindfulness App - $1.99
Simply being - $0.99
Mindfulness Meditation - $1.99
Relax to Breathe - Free
Buddhist Meditation Trainer - Free

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